Dependable, Resourceful and Flexible words on a 3d venn diagram to illustrate an employee, staff person or worker with ideal qualities for a job or task

“Part time” has many different interpretations, from working five slightly shorter days, starting thirty minutes later, working remotely one day a week to a joint job share. Being open to these different approaches is key and offering it to someone with a great skill set, can be richly rewarding for all involved! People want to work on a part-time basis for lots of different reasons, whether it be young children, reducing hours before retirement or simply wanting more time to live life! Whatever the reason, there are a huge number of people out there with an amazing skill set and attitude that can real layers to your business.

Employers are sometimes skeptical about hiring part-time employees and can feel that it easier to hire a full-timer. The reality is that this is very much a candidate lead market and Unemployment rates are dropping so take a moment to consider the huge benefits of employing someone on a part-time basis.

1) Employer of choice: So you need to make your brand to stand out from the crowd and be a little more attractive to that future employee! More and more candidates really look at an employer’s core values and those employers that value work-life balance and reflect this in their company values, are ultimately more attractive to any potential employee.

2) Budget constraints: You can often be in a position where you need to bring on board a team member but face budget restrictions. Adding part-time workers to your workforce will allow you to hire highly skilled and committed employees who appreciate the opportunity at a lesser cost!

3) Attract more engaged employees: Ultimately if you offer the gift of flexible working to someone who really wants it, you are employing someone that really appreciates it and will ultimately be more engaged and more loyal!! When we feel valued, we add value – it really is that simple!

4) Expanding the talent pool: Employers are often so set on the traditional recruitment “types”, even when the role is difficult to fill, yet still won’t adapt their mindset towards recruitment and look at alternative ways to widen the talent pool. SMEs and start ups can’t always compete with the corporates of this world but by offering flexible working, you are opening up the door to a previously unobtainable talent pool!

5) Adaptability: In an ever changing working world, part-timers will increase the flexibility of your workforce and your company’s ability to respond to changing needs i.e. peaks and troughs or working outside the standard working hours of 9 – 5 if needed.

By opening your mindset up to the benefits of flexible working, you really are giving your organisation the best opportunity to attract the best talent in a competitive market!